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The developer community is a great place to get help, learn new things and find interesting people to work with.

Telegram Channels

Telegram channels are useful for staying up to date on recent developments and having quick, asynchronous conversations.

AnnouncementsA channel for major protocol announcements.
Developer ChatA support channel for developers building apps.
Hub Runners ChatA support channel for people running Hubs.

Github Repositories

Github is where the work gets done. It's the best place for technical conversations and is actively monitored by the core team. If you need help, start by searching for an issue or discussion and open a new one if it doesn't exist.

ProtocolA specification for the Farcaster Protocol
ContractsAn implementation of the Farcaster Contracts
HubbleAn implementation of a Farcaster Hub

Developer Calls

Farcaster developer calls are an open, public forum for anyone building on top of the protocol. They're a space to discuss new proposals and recent developments.

InvitationCalendar invite for the bi-weekly Zoom call
AgendaAgendas for upcoming and prior dev calls.
RecordingsRecordings of prior dev calls.

Developer calls take place every other week at 10am Pacific Time. They last for 45 minutes and are recorded and posted to YouTube. The core team proposes the agenda and runs the meeting. Anyone can suggest new topics for discussion by leaving a comment on the meeting agenda or proposing it live during the meeting.