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Who is building Farcaster?

Farcaster is an open-source protocol created by a community of users and developers. The repository is maintained by the Farcaster core team with contributions made by over 50 developers.

What blockchain is Farcaster built on?

Farcaster's identity layer is currently on the Goerli Ethereum testnet. We plan to migrate to Ethereum mainnet in 2023. Read more about our plans here.

What does it cost to use Farcaster?

Farcaster is free during the Goerli testnet phase. After Farcaster migrates to Ethereum mainnet, it will cost ~$10 a year to have an account. Users will pay the protocol directly.

Why is Farcaster invite only?

For now, invites are limited to minimize spam. If you're a person who actively engages on social networks or writes code, you shouldn't have a problem getting an invite. We're working on opening the system so that anyone can register by the end of the year.

Where can I find a public roadmap?

You can find a public roadmap here.